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K2Store is one the most loved simple eCommerce solution that worked based on the famous K2 content construction Kit for Joomla.

Project Status

After serving the community for well over 5 years, we are archiving the project, in favour of our robust eCommerce platform for Joomla - J2Store. So there will be no updates or support available for the project.

We strongly recommend you to switch to J2Store as it is more flexible, offers tons of features and also has integration with your favourite K2, the CCK for Joomla.

Why the change of heart?

K2Store is developed with the intention of being a simple eCommerce solution. With more and more customers finding it quite handy, people were also looking for more features. While we are already developing J2Store as a full-fledged eCommerce solution, working on almost similar features in K2Store led to quite a lot of duplication - in all fronts. Example: Payment gateways.

Instead of dividing the attention and time between two similar solutions, we decided to continue the development of J2Store and its thriving ecosystem.

Since J2Store already has over 200+ payment gateways, shipping methods and apps, it would be quite beneficial to store owners switching from K2Store. They can now build a robust online business using J2Store and its ecosystem.

What are the next steps?

If you are running a store with K2Store, please consider switching to J2Store. It has integration with K2 and you can continue to use your K2 Items as products.

I still have an active PRO subscription

Please get in touch with us at J2Store. We can assist with transferring it.

Why J2Store?

As we mentioned earlier, J2Store has grown to become the most popular eCommerce toolkit for Joomla. With over 100+ features, you can build almost any type of eCommerce websites with J2Store.

Here are some key features:

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I have more questions

Feel free to get in touch our support. Happy to assist you!