Tax rates

You can define tax rates here. Multiple tax rates can be defined and assigned to one or more geozones.

Example 4.1. A simple example for tax rates

You can collect Valued Added Tax (VAT) 12.5 % and Eco tax of 2 %.

Example 4.2. Detailed example for tax rates

Let us say, you have created three geozones

  1. USA - Texas

  2. USA - All other states

  3. Europe

These three geozones attract different tax rates. For example, 12.5 % for customers from USA - Texas: 17.5 percent for USA- All other states and 20 % for Europe customers

In this case, you should create one tax rate for each geozone

The create / edit screen of Tax rates area has the following options


Name of the tax rate. This will be shown in the cart summary

Tax Percent

The tax percent.


You should enter only the numeric value like 12.5 and you should NOT add any symbols like % here.


Choose the geozone for which the tax rate should be applied.