Standard Shipping Method examples

Flat rate per order

Example 4.5. Flat rate per order


Let us assume that you have an electronics store in Texas, USA. You want to collect a flat shipping rate of USD 50 from all customers. Customers can be located anywhere. The shipping fee is just flat USD 50 per order.

To achieve this, follow the steps listed below

  • Step 1

    Go to Setup->Store profiles and make sure that you have created a store profile and set your Default country to USA and Default zone to Texas.

  • Step 2

    Go to Setup->Geozones and create a geozone. Name it as Default Geozone and click SAVE. (NOT Save and Close)

    In the countries list, choose USA and then select Texas in the Zones list. Click Add.

    Now click Save and Close

  • Step 3

    Go to Setup->Shipping and click the Create / Edit / View link. agianst the Standard Shipping methods plugin

  • Step 4

    Click New to create a Standard Shipping method

  • Step 5

    Give a name to this method. (ex. Flat rate)

    Choose a tax profile if you want to collect tax on shipping rate. Otherwise dont select anything

    Set Enable to Yes

    Choose the Shipping Type as Yes

    Set Override shipping address to Store address.


    We override the address because we want to charge a flat rate for all customers, irrespective of their delivery address.

    If you set the override to no, then only customers from Texas, USA will see this method. Others will not see it and will not be charged with shipping