Chapter 5. Creating Products

K2Store uses the K2 items as products. K2 introduces tons of features and is very flexible in terms of layout and design. You can create stunning layouts and designs using k2 and many template providers provide built in support for k2.

K2Store nicely integrates with the K2 and adds the e-commerce functions. So creating a product in K2Store is same as creating a new item in K2.

K2 Items as products

K2 Items are the simplest and most effective way of creating content. Most joomla users are comfortable with the simple process of creating k2 items. They are very familier with the K2. So they can set a title, add an image and assign it to a category easily.

We wanted to make product creation as simple as the K2 Item creation. That's why we integrated K2Store with the K2. So when you create a K2 item, you can enter the e-commerce aspects like price, product options, tax, shipping etc

Go to ComponentsK2New to create a new product.

After you enter the title and the content, you can notice the K2Store block under the content tab. The screenshot below shows the k2store block

K2Store block