Product Parameters

The K2Store block in the K2 Item Edit screen has the following parameters

Enable cart

Yes Setting this to yes will make this K2 Item as a product and enable the K2Store / product features.

No Setting this to no will disable all product/k2store features and the K2 Item will be treated as normal one.

Product ID

The ID of the product or the K2 Item.

Plugin Tag

Copy and paste this plugin tag anywhere in the content.


Make sure that you have set the Add to cart placement param in the K2Store->Options->Cart settings to Within Article using tag or Both. Only then the tag will work. Otherwise it wont work.

Item SKU

Stock Keeping Unit of the Product.

Item Price

The price of the product.


Valid format of price are: 10 or 10.00

Do not use comma (,) or any other symbols or characters in this field. DO NOT enter any currency symbol or code here. This field is numeric and accepts only the DOT (.) as the decimal character.

Special Price

Special or offer price. Example: A product price is USD 20. You want to offer the product to USD 10 as a special offer. You can enter 10 here. The original price will be striked out and the special price will be shown in the product pages.

Discounts/Price Range
PRO feature

You can set quantity based tiered pricing for a product with K2Store. Click the Add price discount to set tiered pricing for this product.


EXAMPLE: A product price is USD 500. If a customer buys more than 10 quantities, you can offer the product for USD 400. For quantities more than 20 numbers, price is USD 300; Above 30 numbers, the price can be USD 100. Similarly, you can use an incremental way. Like, one product USD 10; 5 products USD 20.

Quantity The minimum quantity of the tiered pricing

Price Price for the quantity

Select tax profile

Choose the tax profile for this product. If you do not want to collect tax for this product, do not select any profile here.


Refer the Tax Profiles section of this guide for more information

Only when you select a tax profile here, tax will be calculated for this product

Item Stock
Pro feature

Enter the product stock. If you want to disble the stock / inventory feature for this product, enter -1

Minimum quantity
Pro feature

The minimum quantity a customer should order. If you enter a value here, customer will not be allowed to add order a quantity below this value

Enable Shipping

Set this to yes, if you are using any shipping methods. Refer the Shipping section of this document for more information.

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

Set the length, width and height of the product in the chosen length class. This will be used to calculate shipping costs by providers like USPS, DHL, FedEx.

Refer the next param for more information.

Length Class

Choose a length(metric) class for this product. It can be a centimetre, inch or millimetre as you have defined in the Setup->Lenth Classes


The weight of the product. Enter only numbers. DO NOT use KG or characters or symbols in this field

Weight Class

Choose the weight class to be used with this product. It can be a kilogram, gram or ounce. Defined in the Setup->Weight Class section

Text for Cart button

You can change the default Add to cart text to anything by entering a value here. Example: Buy Now