Product Options

You can create product variants / options for each product. First you have to define the options and its values in the Global Product Options area of K2Store. Then you can associate those options to a product.

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The product options has the following parameters:

Item Options

Choose Product option Type two letters of the unique name of a product option that you have defined in the Global product options area of K2Store. You will get a list of options and choose the one you wanted to associate with this product.

Product option The display name of the product

Required Set to yes to make the selection of this option mandatory.

Remove Removing the option will remove its values as well.

[Important] Important

After adding the product options, you have to SAVE the K2 Item. Otherwise you will loose all the changes.

[Note] Note

After adding product options and saving them, you have to set the Price variations (only for select lists, radio lists and checkbox types)

Click the Set Price link to add the price variations

[Warning] Warning

Even if the product variations do not alter the price, you have to click the Set Price link and add the values with price as zero. Otherwise, customers will not see those product option values in the product pages.

Example 5.1. Product variants and values

Say you are selling t-shirts. You associated the t-shirt size option in a product. The size option has three values - Small, Medium and Large (as entered in the global product options area). These options does not alter the original price.

Still, you have to click the Set price, and add Small, Medium and Large values each with a price of Zero.

Only then, the customer will see a list of these options.