Other Settings

Show terms and conditions during checkout?

This will show a text or link about the terms and conditions depending on the setting in the next param

Default: Yes

Terms and conditions display type

Link A link will be shown to the customer pointing to the article containing the terms and conditions. On clicking, a popup will open and the contents of the article will be displayed

Checkbox A checkbox will be show along with the link

K2 Item ID for terms and conditions

Create a K2 item with the terms and conditions and enter its ID here. When customer clicks the terms and conditions link during the checkout, he will be shown the content of the item

Show item title in Thank you page

This param is related to the payment plugins. After customer places an order, you can show a custom thank you message. The message can be entered in an article and the ID of that article should be entered in the relevant payment plugin. See the payment plugins documentation for more information about this.