Chapter 3. Configuration Options

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Available options are:

Basic settings

Basic settings
Enable K2Store CSS

Setting this to Yes, will make k2store to search for a k2store.css file inside your template's css folder. If a k2store.css file exists, it will apply the styles in there. Otherwise, the styles defined in the default styles of k2store will apply. you can also set this to No to make k2store use its default styles.

The objective of this option is to enable the admins to define a stylesheet on their own

Load Jquery

The option is primarily for Joomla 2.5 users. You can make k2store to loads its own jquery library.

Show quick tips

You can show/hide the quick tips box shown in the K2Store admin panel with this switch

Who can see add to cart

Normally this should be set to public. But if you want only registered users to see the cart button, you can set this param to yes

Default: Public

Path to store SQL backup

K2Store takes a backup of its table whenever you upgrade. By default it stores the backup files in /administrator/components/com_k2store/backup folder. you can specify a different folder to store the backup SQL file here