Chapter 2. Installation

Installing the K2Store is the same as with any other Joomla! component. Go to your site's back-end Extensions, Manage and click on Browse. Locate the ZIP package and click on Upload and Install. If the installation fails, please refer to the installation troubleshooting section of this guide.

Installation Troubleshooting

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Checking your temporary directory

First, we will have to make sure that you are using a valid temporary directory. Many sites are configured to use the system-wide (/tmp) directory or an invalid directory, causing installation problems. In order to change your site's temporary directory setting you have to follow this procedure, depending on your Joomla! version.

Enabling FTP

On most shared hosts which do not run suPHP (if you didn't understand anything, most likely the following is applicable to you too) you have to enable Joomla!'s FTP layer. Otherwise Joomla! won't be able to write the files to its directories and installation will fail.

  1. Go to Site, Global Configuration menu item from the top menu.

  2. Click on the Server tab

  3. Set Enable FTP to Yes

  4. In the FTP Host try using or localhost or the FTP hostname assigned by your host

  5. In the FTP Username and FTP Password fields provide the FTP username and password assigned by your host

  6. In the FTP Root you have to type in the FTP path to your site's root. Here is the easy way to find it using FileZilla:

  7. Connect to your site using FileZilla. Navigate inside the folder Joomla! is installed in. Usually it's a directory named public_html, htdocs, www or something similar. If unsure don't ask us, ask your host. Now, on the right-hand pane you will find the FTP path. Most likely it will look something like /public_html. Copy this and paste it into the FTP Root text box in your Joomla!'s Global Configuration page.

  8. Save your Global Configuration. If you got everything correctly, you should see a message that your configuration was saved. If you see an error message please seek assistance on the Joomla! Forum.