Geozones are otherwise called as geographic locations. Geo zones are customized zones used in calculating shipping and taxes. Multiple countries and zones can be added to one geo zone to customize shipping methods.

You should at least have one geozone to get the store working properly

Click New button to create a geozone

Enter name for the geozone (Example: West Coast zone)

Once you entered the name and set the status to published, you should click Save (NOT save and close). Only when you click save, you will get the form to assign countries and zones to this geozone

An Example:

The geo zone in the screenshot below is used to combine the west coast states of the United States into one zone. The west coast of the US consists of California, Oregon, and Washington states. Each individual state is added by selecting the Country, Zone, then clicking "Add Country/Zone".

Geozones screen

More information about geozones can be found in taxprofiles and shipping sections of this guide. Example case scenarios are discussed there with detailed instructions