Currency and Date

Date Format

The format used to display date in the order detail and invoice emails. The format should be entered as per the rules in the php manual. Refer the format here.

Default: Y-m-d H:i:s

Currency Symbol

The symbol of your currency. for example, the symbol for US Dollar is: $

Default: $

Currency Symbol Position

The position of the currency symbol. You can set it to the front or the end depending on your requirement.

Default: Front

Currency Code


Make sure that you enter the right three digit ISO-currency code. Google it to find out the right currency code for your country.

The three letter ISO 4217 currency code . Common values are EUR (Euro), USD (United States Dollar), GBP (Great Britain Pound), CAD (Canada Dollar), AUD (Australia Dollar), JPY (Japan Yen), CNY (China Yuan) and MXN (Mexico, Pesos). This is used on virtually all of the payment processors to notify them about the currency you're selling your goods in. Please remember that all of your payment processors must support the selected currency. Some payment processors only accept a subset of currencies, most usually only one of USD, GBP and EUR.

Default: USD


The number of decimals. this is usually 2

Default: 2

Decimal Separator

The separator used in currency decimals in your country.

Default: . (dot)

Thousands separator

K2Store will automatically process the price and totals using the thousands separator here.

Default: , (comma)