Creating a standard shipping method

Before you create a shipping method, create the geozones.

You might be charging different shipping rates for customers from different places. For Example, your store is located in Texas USA. You may charge a low rate for shipping within Texas. And you may want to charge high for shipping to other states in USA.

To begin setting up a standard shipping method, Click the Create / Edit / View link and then click the New button

The shipping method creation screen has the following options:

Shipping Method Name

Give a name to this method. (Ex. US Standard Mail)

Tax profile

Choose a tax profile, if you want to charge tax on the shipping rates. If you are not charging any tax on the shipping rates, do not select anything


Set this to yes to enable this method

Shipping Type

Choose the shipping types (or methods). Each type is explained in the previous section

Override shipping address

The shipping rate is calculated based on the shipping addresss given by the customer during the checkout. However, you can override this and use the store address as the shipping method. In most stores, this param should be set to no.

if you offer a store pickup as a shipping option, then may want to set this param to yes. Customers who come from the same country/zone of your store can see this method and choose. See the shipping method examples for more information on this.

Minimum subtotal required

You enter a value here. customers will be able to choose this shipping method only if their order value is greater than the value entered here.

Maximum subtotal required

optional You enter a value here. Customers will be able to choose this shipping method only if their order value is less than the value entered here.

Once you saved these settings, you can see the new method listed and also a link to Set Rates. Click it to set the shipping rates.

Setting Shipping rates

The set rates area has the following options


Choose the geozone to which this rate should applu


Each rate must be associated with a geozone. Otherwise the rate wont be applied


You can enter the weight, price and quantity range here. Example: 1 to 100, 101 to 200

This field will be visble only for the following shipping types: Weight based per item Weight based per order Price based per order Quantity based per order

Shipping Cost

Enter the shipping rate. Enter only numbers. Valid formats are 10 10.00

DO NOT enter currency symbols or commoa or any other characters here