Pro feature

You offer coupon based discounts to your customers. K2Store allows you to create coupon codes based discounts.


To enable this feature, go to K2Store->Options->Discount and Minimum order tab and set the Enable Coupons to Yes.

Coupon creation screen has the following options

Coupon Name

Give a name to this coupon. This is just for your reference

Coupon Code

Enter a code here. (Example: AB123FD)


This is the code your customers will enter during the checkout to get discounts. So make sure that you enter the code correct

Set Yes to enable this coupon

Enter a numeric value. This can either a percentage or a fixed value. This depends on the next parameter.

DO NOT enter any symbols like % here.

Value type

Fixed amount : A fixed amount. Example: 10
Percentage : This will offer a percentage of discount. if you entered 10 in the value field, it means 10 %

Customer login

Setting this to Yes will allow discount to be applied only to the logged in customers. Guest users cannot apply the coupon

Valid From

Select a date from when the coupon will be valid and available for the customers

Valid To

Select an expiry date for this coupon code

Uses per coupon

How many times this coupon can be used in the store. The maximum number of times the coupon can be used by any customer. Leave blank for unlimited

Uses per customer

How many times one customer can use this coupon. The maximum number of times the coupon can be used by a single customer. Leave blank for unlimited

Product categories

You can limit the coupon discounts to certain product categories.

Enter the Category IDs of products (Article Categories) in a comma separated format.

Example: 5,7,21,35

If you want to restrict this coupon to just one category, you can enter just the id of the category. Example: 17 (Yes. You are right. Without a comma)