Updating to the latest release

K2Store can be updated with two different methods: installing the new version on top of the old one or using the integrated Live Update system.

K2Store 3.6 and later no longer support using Joomla!'s integrated extensions installer. The problem with Joomla!'s feature is that it does not allow you to select the minimum stability level of the update. This has traditionally led users installing unstable versions on their live sites, ending up in support requests and frustration. Moreover, the integrated Joomla! extensions update is unreliable on many shared hosts. Unless these significant issues are addressed we are going to keep on using our own Akeeba Live Update.

Updating directly

This is the failsafe approach, but the least convenient. Download the latest K2Store release from http://www.k2store.org/download.html and save the ZIP file to your hard disk.

K2Store Pro users should download from our site's My Account->My Downloads area

Log in to your site's backend, click on Extensions Manager (Joomla! 1.6 and later). Use the Browse... button to locate the ZIP file you downloaded, then click on Upload and Install. All Joomla! versions since 1.5.5 are smart enough to understand that you're doing an upgrade instead of installation and adjust the process accordingly.

Using Live Update

Since K2Store 3.5.0 we have integrated our Live Update system. Log in to your site's backend and go to Components, K2Store. Look towards the bottom of the page. There should be an icon which reads "Update found" when there is a new version available. Click on it and then click on "Update now". The new version will be downloaded and installed automatically for you. In case this doesn't work, or if "Live Update not supported" is displayed below the icon, please make sure that your host's firewall allows TCP/IP communications over port 80 and 443 to k2store.org and s3.amazonaws.com. If your host requests IP addresses instead of domain names, please ask them to trace them from the server as they are multicast hostnames, which means that they resolve to a different IP depending on where in the world you are.

Something not working right after the update?

Sometimes Joomla! "forgets" to copy all updated files. This is something that we have seen a few times. In this case, simply follow the instructions in the Updating Directly section above. This will force Joomla! to retry updating the component, copying the missing files and everything will work again.