Cart settings

Cart settings
Enable Catalogue mode

This option is available from K2Store 3.6.0

Set this to yes if you want your store to run in catalog mode. In this mode, customers will be shown just the price and other info. The cart will be disabled so that the customers wont be able to buy.

Thumbnail image in the cart

Choose the source of the image which should be taken to display as thumbnail in the cart view.

Default: Intro image

Choose the size of the thumbnail image

You can set the size of the thumbbnail image here. Default: Small

Show thumbnail in invoice/detailed order

Set this to yes, if you want to show the thumbnail in the detailed order view.

Add to cart placement

You can define the position of add to cart here.
Default position: This will show the cart at the bottom of the content.
Within article using tag: You can use a plugin tag in the article content.
The tag is {k2storecart}
You can also specifically call a product by mentioning its ID. {k2storecart 5}
Here 5 is the K2 item ID
Both: If you set this param to both, the cart will display at both place: bottom of the item and the tag.

Default address type for tax calculation

Leave this to billing, if you dont know what this is. In most countries, tax is calculated on the customer's billing address

The type of address type based on which tax to be calculated. It can either be Billing address of the customer or the shipping address

Default: Billing

Show product price with tax in cart, subtotal and order summary?

Setting this to yes will show the product price, subtotal and the total including the tax in cart summary, order summary pages. That is the totals will have tax included.

Default: No

Show SKU field in product page

(Since K2Store 3.6.0). Enabling this will show the SKU field above the cart button.

Default: No

Show Quantity field

Enabling this will show quantity input field near the cart button. Default: Yes

Show price above cart button?

Setting this to yes will show product price near the cart button

Default: Yes

Price display options

This setting applies only to the product display pages

Price Only: Only the price will show
Price including tax: Price will be price+tax
Price and tax separately: Price and tax will show separately.


If you set this to show with tax, the default country and the zone entered in the Store Profile will be taken up for tax calculation.

Default: Price only

Enable shipping address fields

Disabling this will hide the shipping address fields in the checkout steps.

If you have enabled shipping for a product, then this setting will be ignored. Shipping address will show.

Default: Yes

Show login form

Setting this to no will hide the login form in checkout steps

Default: No

Allow quick new user registration

Setting this to no will hide the login form in checkout steps

Default: No

Allow guest checkout

Setting this to yes will enable the customers to checkout without registration and login

Default: No

Cart popup style

Small: A small popup will show when customer clicks cart button showing that the product is added to cart.
Redirect: This will redirect the customer to the cart page upon clicking the add to cart.

Default: Popup