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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do after installing K2Store ?

Login to Joomla administrator. Go to Components->K2Store
Set up the options

a. In Cart settings, see that the parameters are filled in to your requirement.
b. In Currency settings, enter the Currency Symbol, Currency Code (Three digit ISO code).

c. Fill in the email settings.

2. How to add products in K2Store?

K2Store is an add-on to K2 CCK ( It integrates with K2. When you create Items in K2, you can see the K2Store block under the content tab.

In K2Store block, you have the option to enter price and set attributes, attribute options and choose tax profile.

3. Add to cart button not working?

IMPORTANT: Go to Plugin Manager. In the System plugins (Filter by Type = System), see that System - K2Store plugin loads after the System - K2  Plugin.

Two more reasons.
1. Your site might have Javascript conflicts. Sometimes, if multiple jquery libraries are present, it may lead to conflicts. Use the Firebug extension for Firefox to check if your site has Javascript conflicts.
2. Other extensions you use in your site might have Javascript errors.

4. Adding product sends me to blankpage or page with json code like {"success":"1"}

Clear your browser cache and reload the site. Do you get the same error? Then your site may have javascript errors. 

Make sure that you are not loading multiple jquery instances. if you do, then you need to solve the conflicts.

5. I want to change the add to cart layout

You can do a template override for the file addtocart.php found in /components/com_k2store/views/mycart/tmpl/ folder.
Read more here to learn about template override :!_core

6. In the Cart Pop Up/Show Cart area, the remove button is not working.

It might be due to Javascript conflict. Refer the FAQ 3.

7. Where to set up Terms and Conditions ?

Create a K2 Item and enter all the terms and conditions there. Then Note down its ID.

Login to Joomla Administrator. Go to Component->K2Store
Open the options/parameters
And enter the ID in the param K2 Item Id of Terms and Conditions (In Joomla 2.5, you can find this under Other settings tab)

8. I dont see Add to cart button though I entered the price and configured the K2Store options.

Check the price you entered. It should be a whole number like 10 or 10.00. You should not enter currency symbol like $10. You should NOT use any other characters like comma (like 10,00).

If you want to show the currency in your country format, you can set it that in the K2Store options in Joomla administrator area. The K2 Store will automatically process your currency format.

9. While checking out, I get this error: TableOrders::store failed - Unknown column 'order_state_id' in 'field list' SQL=INSERT INTO `jos_k2store_orders`

It seems your K2Store installation or upgrade did not go well.
Take a backup of your site.
Then do a re-install of K2 Store.

10. While making payment, Paypal says 'Some Parameters missing”

Follow the steps in FAQ 1.

11. Administrator is not getting the invoice to his email.

Go to K2Store in Joomla administrator area and click the options.
There you can set the admin email (You can find this param under Shop Settings tab).

NOTE: Use different emails for the From and Admin Emails. If you set both the From Email and the Admin Email as the same, you may not get the invoices. Some servers will treat such emails as spam and filter them out.


Please make sure your Joomla website is capable of sending emails.
There are 99 chances out of 100 that your problem comes from your Joomla config.


In your backend, go to Site > System Information > Configuration File and look for the sendmail property. Note it.


Now, go to Site > Global Configuration > Server and make sure that the sendmail path field value matches the value you found in the configuration file.


Also you should make sure:


- make sure your hoster did not block your emails
- make sure your website is able to send emails to users (please create a test account, it will send you an email)
- try to modify the sendmail path: /usr/sbin/sendmail -t

12 How to translate K2store

Refer this tutorial:

13. Upgraded to 3.5.x and see many strings not translated

Refer this howto

14. Upon order, I did not get any download link

If you use K2Store to sell digital goods (that is K2 Attachments), you have to create a menu pointing to K2store->Download. Files are also sent to the customer's email after successful completion of the order

15. When installing K2 Store I got this notice on the Joomla install page.

Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant JPATH_ in /home/deucek75/public_html/ on line 117

Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant JPATH_ in /home/deucek75/public_html/ on line 119

Are these anything I should worry about or need to fix to use K2 store.

Ans: No. These are just warnings and does not affect the functionality of K2store. You can continue using the K2store. These warnings will be fixed in the upcoming updates. Just dont worry.

16. I have done everything. Still I am not able to see the Add to Cart

look for a folder in your template


Inside this folder, you can see other folders like default ot somename

Open the item.php file in all these folders one by one and look for this line of code


Probably this must be missing. If you can find this line, add it.

17. gives the error: payment encountered an error: The payment amount is invalid.

This was due to expired transaction key

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click on Account in the top toolbar.
  3. 2. Click on "API Login ID and Transaction Key"
  4. 3. Answer your secret question and hit SUBMIT
  5. 4. Take the generated key and input into K2Store plugin settings for
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