HOWTO upgrade to the K2Store 3.7.0

Upgrading from 3.6.0 to 3.7.0

Upgrading from the 3.6.0 to the latest version is relatively easy. Just follow the steps below


Take a FULL BACKUP of your site using Akeeba Backup tool (its free!) before you upgrade to the latest version of K2Store.

2. Download 3.7.0

You can download the K2Store 3.7.0 from our download section.

NOTE: PRO subscribers should download the K2Store 3.7.0 PRO version from My Account -> My Downloads area.

3. Upgrade

Install the K2Store package using the standard Joomla installer. Go to Joomla admin -> Extensions Manager to install the package.

4. Post - Installation setup

Immediately after installing the K2Store 3.7.0, you need to set up the Store Profiles and Custom Fields

a. Store Profiles

Go to Joomla admin -> K2Store -> Store Profiles and open your active store profile.

Fill in the all the required fields in the Profile Tab

Then go to the Checkout layout tab

VERY IMPORTANT: Click on the button that says: Pre-populate checkout layout with core fields / Restore to default fields

This will populate the layout fields with the existing core fields. 


Pro users have the ability to add more custom fields. If you add a custom field, then you have to add it in the appropriate checkout layout in your active store profile.


Let us say, you have added a custom field called: Delivery Date.

Its field name is: delivery_date

in Display settings, you have set this to display in the Register and Guest layouts

Now, go to Store Profile and open the active profile.

In the Register layout field and Guest billing layout field, you need to enter this: [delivery_date]

Only then this custom field will show up in the checkout steps.


b. Custom Fields

Go to Set up->Custom Fields

Open the Country field and set your default country. This will be the default selected country when customers checkout.

Open the Zone field and set your default zone or you can leave it as All zones. This will be the default selected zone when customers checkout.


c. Inventory (only for PRO users)

In K2Store 3.7.0, you have the option to set Minimum sale quantity, maximum sale quantity, notify quantity (an email will be sent when stock reaches this level), and a  quantity for the product to become Out of Stock.

You can set these options store-wide in the Store Profile section.

You can also override the store-wide setting in the product page (k2 item)


Upgrading from Old versions to 3.7.0

You should first upgrade to 3.6.0 version before you can upgrade to the 3.7.0.

If you are upgrading from 3.0.3 to 3.6.0, then read the upgrade instructions here before upgrading to 3.7.0 :