HOWTO show multiple products in one page in K2Store

Many of our customers have asked how to show multiple products in one page. With the release of K2Store 3.0.3, we have introduced a plugin syntax for placing the cart button anywhere in the K2 Item content.

Here is a short tutorial on how to show multiple products in one page using the K2Store Cart syntax.

First things First

If you are not running K2Store 3.0.3, then

1. Download the latest version K2Store 3.0.3.
2. Backup your site
3. Install the latest version.

Create products / K2 Items

Since K2Store takes items created in K2 as products, head over to K2 and create the items, hereafter referred as products.

1. Create all products (K2Items)

Say you got five products. Red shirt, blue shirt, green shirt, pink shirt and orange shirt. Once you created an item in K2, each Item will have on ID. Note down the ID. For instance, Red shirt's  ID is 5 (you can see the ID on the top right of K2 item creation(new item) page.

Blue shirt - 6
Green short - 7
Pink shirt - 8
Orange shirt - 9

2. Set the K2Store Option

To enable the use of plugin syntax, Go to Joomla admin->K2Store->Options.  Under Cart settings, set Add to cart placement to Within Article text.

3. Create another K2 Item

This item is going to hold all the products.  Add the content like you wanted. You can add an image, text, link or whatever you like.

An example content should be like:

Red Shirt

My description about red shirt
{k2storecart 5}

NOTE: 5 is the ID of that K2 Item /Product. You can see the ID on the top right of K2 item after you saved it.

 You can do wonders with the plugin syntax and creatively use it.