Monday, 07 December 2015 21:26

Discontinuing of Free Support

Dear All,

After providing free support for over seven years (since the inception of K2Store) for all, we have decided to discontinue the free support. From now on, support will only be provided to the subscribers. The community support forum will be closed. Subscribers to any PRO plan will have full access to our ticket system and receive support from us.
This change in support structure and availability will take place over the late hours of December  12th, 2015. We regret to inform free support users with open issues that replying to those forum posts will not be possible.

Why this change?

I am sure that many of you will be disappointed and a few of you even infuriated by this decision. I can understand your feelings and that's why I would like to explain why this change of heart and why now.
We are a small team of three developers. Providing free software and free support has become very expensive. Just because the price tag reads "0 USD (FREE)" it doesn't mean that it costs nothing to produce. The free software takes countless of hours of thinking, trying, failing, developing, debugging and fine-tuning. But, at least, we could develop the software for hundreds of users and provide it for free. It is the same for all hundreds of users.
But providing free support is different. It takes a developer's time for each and every single user. We have to visit the site, troubleshoot, reply with explanation. Even if the reply involves pointing to a documentation page, it takes at least 10 minutes. Imagine the total hours spent on each request.

We have maintained and operated the community forum allowing users to help other users. But you can notice that there is very very little help users find from other users. So we have to take care of answering all the community forum questions in addition to the ticket system available to the subscribers.

On top of providing support, we do have to write code. If we stop writing code, then there will be no point for this site, or us, to exist any more.  The obvious solution is to hire more support staff. We  agree with that. Only that the support staff needs to be paid (nobody works for free, apparently). Free support produces exactly 0 USD per hour of income, whereas support staff's rates are 15 to 25 USD  per hour, depending on skill level.
We have addressed a vast majority of the questions in the user guide, FAQs and the how-to guides, besides the forums. But if you want us to visitor your site, troubleshoot and solve the issues, that's fine. In this case you're asking us to do the reading for you, so we consider it more than fair to kindly request a small amount of money which will allow us to better fund the development of new software and the maintenance of existing software.
We hope that you now understand the motives behind this change and support us in our efforts to continue providing top quality software for free.
At the time of writing, we are re-writing the K2Store code base using the modern standards and be compatible with the K2 V3.


If you are already a subscriber to PRO version, please use the Ticket System

If not, you can purchase a PRO plan from the Downloads page