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Common Errors with Authorize.net

When using Authorize.net with your store, you may encounter some specific errors when attempting to authorize or collect payment for credit transactions. Below is a list of common processing errors, as well as some possible troubleshooting tips:

Response: "This account has not been given the permission(s) required for this request"

You may receive this error if you have recently switched to Authorize.net's AIM method. If this is the case, you will need to log in to your Authorize.net account, go to Settings, and select API Login ID and Transaction Key.

There, you can acquire your API Login and your Transaction Key, which are used with Authorize.net's AIM method. Replace the login and password in your store with your API Login and Transaction Key.

Response: "This transaction cannot be accepted"

A common reason for this error is that the Authorize.net API ID and Transaction Key programmed into your store are invalid. You'll need to log in to your Authorize.net account, retrieve a new, valid API ID and Transaction Key, and enter them into the gateway integration settings within your Volusion store.


Response: "... Card declined. Change payment info"

Be sure that your Authorize.net account is not set to Test mode. You must contact a technical support or account representative at Authorize.net to confirm this information and/or have your account removed from Test mode.

Response: "Address for Ship to required"

Make sure that your Authorize.net account is not configured to require any shipping address information to be passed to it when processing a transaction:

    Log in to your Authorize.net account.
    Click on Settings.
    Click on Payment Form under the Transaction Submission Settings section.
    Click on Form Fields.
    Look for the Shipping section and deselect the Required Column for all Shipping Information setting.
    Save changes.

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012 20:48

Authorize.Net Plugin

Accept credit card payments via Authorize.Net using the K2 Store. The plugin adds Authorize.Net Payment gateway to the K2 Store, the simple shopping cart for Joomla K2. Authorize.Net is a popular credit card processing service. It accepts all major credit cards.

This plugin integrates the Advanced Integration Method of Authorize.Net. That means, your customer dont have to leave the site to make the payment.


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K2 Store Cart

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