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Choosing the right Paypal Payments Solution

Paypal is the leading payment gateway. But many shopping cart users face difficulty in choosing the right paypal product for their businesses.

A majority of the store owners and website administrators think that all paypal products work in all the countries. This is wrong! Some of the products work only in a few countries. For instance, the Paypal Website Payments Pro works only in US, UK and Canada.

This blog post will help you understand the difference between different products of Paypal

K2Store joomla shopping cart offers integrations with all these products of the paypal.


Paypal Payments Standard

This is the most common and basic product offered by Paypal. You have the option to sign up for three different types of accounts - Personal, Premium and Business. Paypal does not charge you anything to open an account.  It charges a fee for every transaction which varies from country to country.

Checkout Experience: If you have installed the standard method, your customer will be re-directed from your site to Paypal to make payment. After making the the payment, the customer will again be redirected to your site to receive an invoice. This workflow applies to most joomla shopping carts including K2Store.

Payment Options : When the customers are sent to PayPal, they will be able to log in to their PayPal account or use a credit/debit card without having an account. NOTE: In a few countries, Paypal DOES NOT allow the customer to make payment via credit/debit card. And in some other countries, customers will be allowed to pay ONLY through credit card. Example: India

Availability: All countries

Website Payments Pro

This is an advanced product. Paypal charges a monthly fee of USD 30 (Not sure!. It may be less in a few countries. Check with Paypal website) for setting up the product. You can get more information from Pyapl website.

Checkout Experience: You can use this to accept credit cards on your site, and the customer will not be redirected to paypal. They will enter their credit card information in your site, which will be sent to the paypal server in the background and the results will be displayed immediately. When you set this up, you can either use the API credentials.

Payment Metho: Credit card

Availability: US, UK, Canada, France, Australia


Paypal Payments Advanced (Hosted Checkout page / Payflow Link)

It is a PCI-compliant solution from paypal and lets you accept credit cards in your website itself. You can keep customers on your site for the entire checkout process without the full burden of protecting their financial data.

Checkout Experience: Customers enters the credit or debit card information in your site (in an iframe window actually) and the payment is processed real-time. So they WILL NOT leave your site to make payment.

In K2Store, you also have the option of redirecting the customers to Paypal to make payment.  Paypal collects a monthly fee of USD 5

Payment Metho: Credit card

Availability: US, Canada


Payflow Pro

This is a fully customisable payment gateway. Paypal charges a set up fee and a monthly charges as well.

Checkout Experience: Customers enters the credit or debit card information in your site and the payment will be processed real-time. So they WILL NOT leave your site to make payment.

Payment Metho: Credit / Debit card

Availability: US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand


K2Store and Paypal

K2Store integrates with paypal via plugins. That means, you can offer multiple payment methods / options.

For example, you can offer both the Paypal Payments Standard and the Paypal Payment Pro (Direct) in your joomla shop. That way your customers will have more payment choices

You can also rename the Paypal Payment Pro to say something like Creditcard Payment.

Getting the plugins

Purchase the Paypal Standard Payment, Paypal Payment Pro (Direct) and the Payflow Pro at the Payment Plugins section of the site.

If you subscribe to the K2Store PRO plans, you can get the Paypal Standard Plugin free. Subscribe here

is a PCI-compliant solution.